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Birth Preparation

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 Giving birth can be a very intimidating idea, so to help to try to ease the stress and minimize birth trauma, I recommend to book birth preparation sessions.

In the first of the two birth sessions, we will review perineal massage and breathing techniques. This can be attended solo or with your birth partner if he or she plans to assist with the perineal massage.

In the second session, we will review various labour and delivery positions that can help to minimize pain. I recommend to bring your birth partner to this session so that he or she is also familiar with these strategies.


The goal of these sessions is to provide information for what to expect during the labour and delivery process as well as provide strategies to minimize birth injury and trauma.

For booking, I recommend to book a Pelvic Floor 30 Minute Follow-Up at week 35 of gestation, then a Pelvic Floor 45 Minute Follow-Up with your birth partner (optional) at week 36.

However, if you have not already been seeing me for pelvic floor physiotherapy prior to this, please book a Pelvic Floor Initial Assessment for the first session. 

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

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