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After I assess and diagnose your issues or injuries, I offer a variety of treatment methods that are all intended to return you to pain-free living and reach your goals!

Direct billing available!

Pregnant Woman Staying Fit


This is highly recommended for all pre-and postpartum individuals as well as individuals experiencing pelvic pain, painful intercourse, bowel and bladder issues, or conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. Click here for more information.



Rehabilitative exercises are an integral part of reducing pain and restoring movement and function as well as returning individuals to a pain-free life.

Each individual will receive an indvidualized home exercise program that is tailored to his/her/their needs and goals. 

Woman Receiving Acupuncture


Also known as "IMS" this is a treatment technique that involves inserting a needle into muscular tissues that are believed to be causing pain or dysfunction. The needles are then stimulated via movement or an electrical current depending on the patient's preference.

This treatment can reduce pain, muscle tension, tissue sensitivity, and numbness and tingling. It can also improve movement and expediate recovery.
It is called dry needing because the procedure does not involve any injections.



Cupping therapy using vacuum or suction cups involves placing cups on the skin, then suctioning the skin up into the cup. The cups are then either glided along the skin or left to sit. 

This treatment can help to improve blood flow and reduce muscular tension and pain as well as improve movement and function. 
Cupping can leave bruise-like circular marks, so be sure to inform your physiotherapist if you do not want visible marks after your treatment.



Manual therapy refers to soft tissue release and joint mobilizations performed by the therapist. 
These techniques can help to reduce pain and muscle tension as well improve joint mobility. This can also help to desensitize sensitive tissues.

Child Physiotherapy


There are a variety of taping techniques that can help to reduce pain and/or provide stability and support as needed. 

It can be beneficial to support recovery and facilitate confidence in return to sport and function.


These treatments are all optional and only applied with patient consent and permission. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about any of the above!

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